Cara Jones

Cara Jones

Co-Owner, Coach

In my earlier CF days I was quite the competitor and am proud to say I once did Karen (my favorite workout of 150 wallballs) unbroken! Other notable moments were breaking 200# on clean and jerk and hitting 175 on bench press. I’ve competed at the CrossFit regionals twice and also at Wodapalooza three times. These days I’m out here chasing general fitness and having a great time with whatever workout comes up in daily programming!


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Level 2 Certification

Bachelor or Science in Physical Education with Coaching Minor

Educational Specialists Degree in Counseling

About Coach

From as far back as I can remember, fitness and sport have been a large part of my life. I am thankful my parents were always active and showed me early on how important fitness is to overall health and life satisfaction. As a kid, I was a competitive swimmer and volleyball player and dabbled in other sports along the way. I played volleyball at Newberry College and was the first athlete to achieve 1000+ kills in my collegiate career. After college, I dove into beach and grass volleyball and found success at the regional level with my teammate and best friend. At the time, she started this new thing called CrossFit to help her move faster and jump higher. As you can guess, I followed in her footsteps and started doing CrossFit during the summer of 2011. After my husband and I got kicked out of our globo gym for dropping weights, we found a local box and “officially” signed up. I learned a lot at our first gym (and our second) and knew I wanted to create a positive environment for people in the community to get fit and tackle this thing called life together.

Turning Point

My biggest struggle athletically (and personally) was been returning to fitness in the postpartum period after the birth of my first daughter. It was not easy to let go of my competitor's mindset and find joy in CrossFit for the sake of health. During my second pregnancy, I slowed down a lot more and listened to my body, and found that I fell in love with CrossFit even more but in a new way. I realized it really doesn’t matter how much weight I lift or how fast my Fran time is, it matters that I show up and give my best effort (even if that effort looks a little different than it once did.)

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching because it is a great way to connect with people on a personal level while helping people improve their own lives. I believe what we do in the gym extends outside the walls and helps us push through life’s difficult moments. I really enjoy working with the everyday athlete, who shows up to make themself a little better. I also have a heart for working with mothers who are returning to fitness postpartum and throughout pregnancy. Additionally, while I am not competing during this season of life, that competitive spirit still burns inside and I love pushing our more competitive athletes to achieve their goals and reach that next level of fitness.

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