February 29, 2024

Today is the Day!!!!!

The CrossFit Open begins today!! If you are signed up please have a judge and know your divisions standards. If you arent signed up you dont need a judge unless you want one!

Open gym on Saturday is closed for the L1! We will have a trail run on Daniel Island at 9:30am. We will meet at the recreation center at 120 Fairchild St.

For Time:


21 DB Snatch (Arm 1)

21 Lateral Over the DB Burpees

21 DB Snatch (Arm 2)

21 Lateral Burpees

15 Snatch (Arm 1)

15 Lateral over DB Burpees)

15 DB Snatch (Arm 2)

15 Later over the DB Burpees

9 DB Snatch (Arm 1)

9 Lateral over the DB Burpees

9 DB Snatch (Arm 2)

9 Lateral Over the DB Burpees

* 15min Time Cap

**Please take note of the tie break times after the second sets of burpees

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