November 3, 2022

Coaches Spotlight: Coach Craig (Owner)

What makes you, you?
My life revolves around my Family and Helping people obtain actual healthier lifestyles and increased fitness!

Describe your experience at CFNC.
My wife (Cara) and I started CFNC out of our garage back in May 2014 when got our affiliate approved! We were coaching at another affiliate and wanted to bring our brand of CrossFit to North Charleston. We have organically grown into a community and enjoyed watching many lives being changed through living healthier and connecting with one another. Our approach has always been health first then all the fun fitness stuff that comes after!

What are your major life goals?
-Raise an awesome family
-Help as many people as we can
-Have fun along the way

What are your 3 major CrossFit goals?
-To enjoy every class
-To look like the Dad at the pool that lifts
-To be working out when I am 80+!

What has been your favorite CrossFit moment so far?
My favorite moments have always followed conversations with athletes, when an athlete sets a goal and allows me to be involved with the process and watching that person achieve said goals are always the best! It doesnt matter if its the CF games, local competition, losing 10lbs or doing a box jump they all are as equally enjoyable because I get to see what goes on behind the curtains.

What has been your favorite CrossFit WOD and why?
Im a sucker for ������Diane������, short sweet, deadlifts and HSPU!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully 5yrs older and being that old grey guy in class still ripping out workouts!

Share a recipe for a favorite clean meal.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Bigger Ribeye

What is the most challenging aspect of CrossFit?
After coaching for 10yrs the most challenging part of CrossFit is comparing yourself to others! New athletes or seasoned competitors all suffer from this, I have found that when people focus back on themselves they enjoy the process more and achieve more along the way! There is always someone more fit or stronger than you just give it time yiu will find them.

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit?
Have fun, make friends and eat good for you food!

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